We are business owners.

We own legal services businesses in Utah and know it’s in our best interest to take action to preserve our livelihoods. When we became aware of the threat to our businesses we took action.

The threat.

Since 2011 government or quasi government agencies have attempted, through new or changing legislation, to selectively eliminate access to large niches of the legal services market by independent providers.
The threat is ongoing and UPALS was formed in 2012 to protect our ability to deliver quality, professional legal services in Utah.

Government or quasi government agencies.

Those entities are Sheriff departments, Constables and Off duty LEO. The government is essentially competing with privately held legal services businesses.
Our belief is that if government or quasi government agencies participate in the free market for a profit, they must play by the same rules to which we are subjected.

These actions

border on the edge of mob tactics for market control.
One group of government providers consistently seeks to stop private investigators and process servers from being able to serve writs of garnishment and other types of documents.
Further, these government providers venture outside of their authorized jurisdiction into other counties, disrupting the market with low ball pricing or less than stellar performance of the job at hand.

UPALS was formed

so that independent legal services providers could have a unified voice…

  • Related to issues that affect our livelihoods. Government related or otherwise.
  • When drafting legislation that will protect and benefit our supporters and members.
  • When lobbying Utah’s legislature to support our new or revised wording of legislation.
  • For consistent job skills and increased professionalism of all providers of legal services.
We’ve been busy.

Since 2012 we have been deeply involved in the drafting of new and changing bills that have a direct effect on the ability of independent legal professionals to compete with government anti-competitive practices.

Bills / legislation

We have had a direct effect in protecting our rights to do business in Utah.

We hope you’ll agree

that protecting your rights against unfair government competition is important enough to the success of your ongoing business that you will join UPALS as we continue to defend free enterprise against government domination of private legal industry jobs.